BarWave Mobile App Redesign

Role: For four months I worked on a three-person ux design team for mobile startup BarWave, responsible for redesigning the app while reporting directly to the Lead iOS Engineer.


Design Challenge: After the first basic version of the app launched there was a need for product refinement, which included the development of a sleek and consistent look as well as an expansion of existing features.


Solution: Utilized Axure to create mobile iOS wireframes and mockups. Implemented a new style guide, enhanced chat features, built a new explore section and created task flows to aid in communication and clarification of app settings. Collaborated with the design team and company stakeholders, which included Skype meetings and media sharing on Trello.

Initial Wireframes



The first three images are variations of a revamped Newsfeed section, a feature that was expanded to be the communications hub of the application, showing recent chatter centered around the most popular venues. Inspired by popular social media apps and laid out to include pertinent information gleaned from group discussions such as location, user profile picture, and more.


The final image in the row above shows a Newsfeed customization window that allows the user to set their own design aesthetic with regard to text, background, colors, etc.


Facets of the bar profile template changed over time as well. The image on the far left shows a rudimentary client facing version, where a bar owner can add staff members, images of their establishment and more. The next image shows an advanced bar profile page that includes more color, graphics and a new header. The image on the far right shows an example of how messages appear in a bar's chat window.


The explore section was first envisioned as an extension of the Newsfeed chat feature and intended to showcase all different types of venues. Ideation started with simple layouts, headings and placeholders, which then turned into a more comprehensive integration of iconography, pictures and browsing.

Final Prototypes

Final BarWave prototypes feature uniform style elements and consistency across the app in terms of layout and organization. Also notice the brand new icon navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

The sleek new design of the user interface enables the user to plan a night out in a fun and simple way. We sought to elevate core functions that allow the user to explore venues, search specific locations, chat with others, and much more.

Form fill-in and setting screens give the user power to control their experience as an active member of the BarWave community. Redesigned user flows like these give the app an efficient and effective means of communication with clarity of function.

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