First Eagle Federal Credit Union

Homepage Update

I worked as a ux consultant for First Eagle Federal Credit Union in order to update their website's homepage. I worked with the company's President and Director of Marketing throughout the process, which involved a competitive analysis, heuristic evaluation and prototyping stage. At the end of the project I presented my findings to the aforementioned stakeholders and the redesigns were then implemented by the company's web administrator.


The design challenge for this project was to create a more user-friendly homepage while at the same time maintaining the look and feel of the company's current website. 

Heuristic Evaluation

After collecting background information and conducting additional research, I completed usability aspect reports for the First Eagle Federal website that focus on three of Jakob 
Nielsen's 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design, which are listed below in bold, along with how each was addressed on First Eagle's homepage:

  • Aesthetics and minimalist design Certain elements have been enhanced and/or rearranged in an effort to maximize the use of relevant screen space.  

  • Recognition rather than recall Collapsable dropdown menu options simplify navigation and decrease user memory load.

  • Flexibility and efficiency of useFeatures were created with an emphasis on bridging the gap between new and frequent users.

Maximizing  Space



To increase the visibility of time-sensitive information, the news alert was changed into a collapsable notification bar that is now positioned at the top of page. Member login was transformed into an expandable dropdown item in the header. The navigation menu was also condensed and repositioned in a effort to further maximize the usage of space. 

These updates address the the following heuristics: aesthetics and minimalist design, and flexibility and ease of use. It also allows for more call to action advertisements and other content on the homepage.



Call to Action 

The 'We Make Life Better' graphic and accompanying call to action buttons in the before image on the left have been adjusted to take up roughly half as much space after editing (pictured right). When this change is integrated with the other homepage updates, it makes this feature visible as soon as the website loads instead of requiring the user to scroll.

Accessing Your Account

As a priority drawn from stakeholder interviews and reinforced by the competitive analysis phase, the member login feature was  reimagined as an element of the header. This reorganization also helps maximize space on the homepage.

Minimizing Memory Overload

New dropdown menus remove excess options for a more simple path of navigation. They are designed to minimize memory overload while supporting user recognition instead of recall when it comes to menu items. This makes it easier to retrace your steps if you get lost looking for a specific piece of information.