Music Website Redesign

A rapid prototyping project with the goal of showcasing and promoting the artist's brand while maximizing the usability satisfaction of website visitors.


The following design changes include a new style and layout with more contrast in the color scheme, a streamlined navigation menu, reorganized content, social media links and a discography sidebar.


The homepage now features a header with a simplified menu and the artist's social media links. The discography built into the sidebar on the right showcases clickable music albums available for purchase. Content on the homepage has been expanded to include the artist's personal introduction, blog articles and featured videos like live performances, studio recordings and behind the scenes clips. 


News clippings and album reviews are displayed on the press page, where each entry offers a preview of the content while also linking to the original source.


Visitors are no longer redirected to an external source for the artist's calendar of events. Live performances are detailed in this section with information like venue, location, date, time and ticket details.


If a visitor wants to support the artist there are various links for buying music on the store page, in addition to the discography sidebar. The music preview window also offers the chance to listen to a track before downloading.

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