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Seeking to capitalize on the popularity of fantasy sports mobile apps, Pick 2 Click offers a simplified fantasy baseball game for both dedicated and casual fans, with an emphasis on its social media components.

The rules of the game are simple: choose a baseball matchup on any given night and pick one hitter who you think will hit a home run. If that player succeeds, you click and you win!


User Testing

Version I

Version II

Acting as test administrator, I conducted within-subject user testing with two members of the target user group. The participants were asked to complete two tasks - signing up for the the app and picking a hitter for that night's game - by first using a text-based version of the app and then with a  graphics-based version. 

When prompted to pick a player, both participants expressed an affinity for the graphical lineup presentation. Also, they were both supportive of adding player statistics to the application in the interest of making more informed picks.

One participant sped through the sign up pages and did not stop to confirm his submitted information, indicating disinterest in that particular step. The other participant did not favor the default push notifications sent when a particular team's lineup becomes available.

A/B Test Results

Answer Choice



Expanded Graphics-Based Version

The screenshots below showcase an updated version of the graphics-based app from the user testing phase. It includes a few new sections like My Clubhouse and the Leaderboard.

Rules of the game are presented when the user first opens the app. The user is then required to create a profile selecting their favorite team and filling out a personal information form. The user must choose a team in order to set lineup push notifications and connect with fans of the same team.

Personal information from the previous form is presented again for confirmation before a new profile is created. Since lineups aren't released to the public until three hours before a game generally, there is a pop-up notification alerting the user as to when their favorite team's lineup has been released, at which point he or she is redirected to the player selection screen within the app. 

Once the user makes their pick, a pop-up screen appears within the app to confirm or cancel. Selection history can be viewed along with other personal information and associated content on an individual's profile page. Also, users can view their success playing Pick 2 Click when compared to fans of the same team.

Alternate Text-Based Iteration

I created a variation of the text-based app that is a further departure from the form utilized for user testing. It features quick sign up plus a new menu and layout. Gameplay in this version is opened up so that a user can pick one player from as many matchups as they want; not just from their favorite team's lineup. This also decreases the need for lineup push notifications.

This version only requires the user to submit a username, email address and password on a single screen in order to sign up for the app. The lobby lists all the games for that day and by clicking a dropdown arrow, the user can see the pitching matchup and choose a hitter.

The user is presented with the lineup and by tapping a particular player's name, his statistics are shown in a dropdown feature in order to aid in decision-making. The upcoming section showcases the user's pick and allows the chance to make a change right up until the game officially begins.

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