Pick 2 Click


Pick 2 Click is a fantasy baseball mobile app based on a popular segment from sports talk radio. The game is simple: pick a player from your favorite team's lineup and if that player hits a home run in that particular game, you click and you win!

In the radio version of Pick 2 Click, two hosts would compete against each other all season long and listeners would call in to offer their own picks as well. The only problem was that listeners' picks were not tallied or tracked. This mobile version of the game lets everyone join in the fun. 


Screen variations for a few key tasks, like picking your favorite team and picking a player from their lineup, were sketched out by hand before details were added in the mockup design stage.

Version A


Version B

User Testing

A/B user testing was conducted with two members of the target audience using Axure mockup screens. Both participants preferred the graphics-based lineup presentation (pictured right) over the text-based version (pictured left). 


Both users expressed a desire for more player statistics in order to help them make their pick, while also expressing a dislike of pop-ups and the lengthy sign-up process.

Sign-up Forms

Express Sign-up

Sign-up was previously a three screen process, as shown in the images pictured above to the left. But after testing, feedback showed a dislike for the lengthy sign-up process, so a new express sign-up feature was created (pictured right).

Second Iteration

Taking into account the feedback from A/B user testing, an alternate version of the app was created using Balsamiq.

In what proved to be a difficult decision, the updated app features a text-based lineup  because of the need to present players in an offensive-minded format as opposed to defensive, like is featured in the graphics-based lineup in previous versions.